The Value of a Series Win

On Derrick Goold has a fantastic article about "What is a World Series worth?"

If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do. Eck, talks about having to prove that a team could win with him at short stop. That’s something that’s always baffled me. I understand he’s a bit undersized and not your prototypical body type for short, but wouldn’t you take 9 players who had so much passion and fire for the game? I’d love to see a team made up of "gritty" players who run down to first on walks and slap singles to the opposite field or turn on the occasional pitch, driving it out of the park. To me, Eckstein is the perfect World Series MVP for the Cardinals. This team did nothing pretty. They ground out the regular season. They played hurt and were told that they didn’t even belong in the post season. Yet, in the end, they proved everyone wrong. Just as Eckstein has proven every doubter he’s ever had wrong… yet again.

Oh, P.S. – I’ll finally start blogging about the off-season tomorrow. I just wanted to wallow in the World Series win for at least a week. I STILL can’t believe they did it!

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