Yadi Robbed!

Brad Ausmus won the NL Gold Glove at cather? Are you serious? How do you not give the award to Yadier Molina?

Here’s a quick comparisson… Ausmus gave up 60 stolen bases and only caught 22% of attempted steals. 37 bases were stolen with Molina behind the plate and he cought nearly 44% of potential base stealers.

Molina did have two more errors, and 6 more pass balls but he also had 17 more assists than Ausmus and its simply asinine to ignore the 12 extra runners Yadier picked off, not to mention many more who simply didn’t dare to run on him (Ausmus had 77 runners attempt to steal on him compared to Molina’s 66).

This is a travesty. Between this, and Buck ONeal not making the Hall of Fame this year, the baseball’s voters have lost their fool minds.

Congrats to Albert Pujols who won his first (of hopefully many) gold glove awards. I don’t mean to diminish Pujols’ accomplishments but I can’t believe they robbed Yadi like this.


  1. Thomas

    Yadier didn’t get robbed… Don’t let your Cardinal bias overrule your common sense. Yes Yadier threw out more people… but Brad led in basically every other category.. Look at the put outs category.. Brad had almost 200 more put outs this year than Yadier.. 200… Yadier caught 12 more stealing than Brad… That doesn’t make up for the 200 more put outs Brad had.. not even close.


  2. Josh

    Yadie DID get robbed. What is this about Ausmus having more putouts. Who cares? Doesn’t a catcher get a put out for catching strike 3? Wow, that is difficult.

  3. RumorMill

    I’ve got to say I was shocked to see Ausmus win. Molina was called the best defensive catcher in the NL throughout the season and by numerous different announcers. Put outs do matter, however Ausmus had a ton more chances as well. Their fielding percentages were a mere .003 different. The cannon Molina carries around for an arm more than compensates for that in my opinion.

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