I read this article and about fell over.

"St. Louis. The World Series champions need a full-time left fielder andhave inquired about Bonds. St. Louis is full of forgiving baseball fans
— Mark McGwire draws ovations when he returns to town — and Bonds would
likely find receptive crowds."

WHAT!?!? Are you kidding me? First of all, there are plent of Cardinal fans who HATE Big Mac. Second of all, I have never heard anyone get booed as loudly as Bonds when the Giants played St. Louis. No one. John Rocker’s reception seemed warm compared to the way St. Louis fans treated Bonds. And Bonds would "likely find receptive crowds"? Serisouly? Has this guy even BEEN to a Cardinals game? Ever? We MIGHT need an outfielder (personally I’m convinced Duncan would be a fine option in left after another spring of fielding practice) however, we certainly do NOT need a clubhouse cancer and yet ANOTHER suspected steroid user.

Also, just for the record, my favorite team on earth just won their first championship in over twenty years, and I’m saying right now if the Cardinals sign Barry Bonds, I’m not sure I’ll be able to root for the them next year…



  1. podjah@yahoo.com

    Of all the people I would like to see in StLou Bonds is not on the list. I’d rather become a Cubbies fan than have to root for The Cards with Bonds in the lineup. Yikes!

  2. Steven

    Dear Mr. holier than thou Cardinals fan, you will be a part of a long list of Cardinals fans that escaped reality fi you stop rooting for the over rated Cardinals. Whatever year the Cardinals were a winner, they were turf enhanced over achievers. I am talking about 2006, 1985, and 1982. Before that is beyond my years, but I would speculate Auggie Busch weaved some illegal trick to gurantee a victory. Anyway, who cares about the past? Bonds is a perfect king….aloof, elite , and hated. The only shame would be his crowning in a city that houses a horrible baseball stadium. Atr least, it is bettter than the last Busch Stadium. That place was pathetic!!

  3. nmhcrtrbr@yahoo.com

    yeah…Steve’s just an immature sour grape ( or gripe ) crybaby.
    Back to the subject: I’m a lifelong Cardinal fan and I know the mindset of my fellow Redbird followers. Here’s the thing; I’ve been living in SF since before Bonds arrived. That is one arrogant unlikeable dude, and he would be a cancer…why am I even wasting ink here?

    The very idea wants me ready to hurl, and I don’t mean no fastballs

  4. boneslugs2003@yahoo.com

    eff bonds. i will always be a cardinals fan, even in the unlikely possibility of getting bonds, but we don’t need anyone older and can barely play left field himself. we need to trade chris duncan to the american league for some pitching and bring an agile left fielder up. i know larussa likes to platoon, but so taguchi has been undervalued. he’s has speed,good contact, and is our second best outfielder. of course, tony just won us a world championship, so i’ll let him do what he do.

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