Well the baseball writers never fail to let me down. These idiots looked at two stats, and two stats alone. HR’s and RBI. Those are the only two statistical categories that Howard led Pujols in. That’s all. I’ve already spelled out the case for Pujols, and just for grins, I’ll hit the highlights.

First and foremost, Howard’s team didn’t make the playoffs. Pujols batted 18 points higher than Howard, and with runners in scoring position, it wasn’t even close. As ESPN’s Rob Neyer put it, "the empirical evidence pointed towards Pujols". I can find you stat after stat that proves Pujols was more valuable to the Cardinals than Howard was to the Phillies, but as usual, (when Bonds was beating out Pujols for MVP year after year) the writers couldn’t see past home runs and runs batted in. Writers seem to have forgotten the only reason Howard drove in more runs was because he had nearly 40 more chances. As I said before, with runners in scoring position and two outs Pujols’ average was nearly 200 points higher than Howard.

Howard’s Situational Stats (from ESPN.com)


Pujols’ Situational Stats (from ESPN.com)


It’s not like these stats were hard to find. A simple ESPN comparison’s of the two players stats makes it abundantly clear which player was more valuable. The problem is, the 20 writers who voted for Howard obviously didn’t even bother to do that much research. Howard had an amazing season. However, the MVP award is not supposed to simply crown the player that hit the most home runs during the year. The 20 writers who placed Howard first on their ballot should lose their vote as they obviously didn’t do ANY research before voting. I may be a biased Cardinal fan, but I’ve got the numbers to back me up. I’d challenge any Phillie fan to prove me wrong.



  1. amber__11@hotmail.com

    First and foremost Howard’s team had a better record. Your division is weak. Just ask the Phillies if they think he is valuable because their answer would be YES. The team was counted for dead in the middle of the season and they rode his back. He doesn’t just hit homeruns either. I had the pleasure of watching him several times this year and he is AWESOME. He didn’t have a chance to hit anything down the stretch because everyone was walking him. Even in the bottom of the 9th when the go ahead run was moved up into scoring position. I’m not a Phillie fan either.

  2. Benjamin

    Um sorry but didn’t the Cardinals just win the World Series? Also, how does the fact that people walked him change the fact that Pujols hit MUCH better with runners in scoring position?

    Don’t get me wrong, Howard had a great season. He’s a great player and actually from the St. Louis area. Of course he’s valuable… he’s just no where near as valuable as Pujols was. Pujols hit .435 with runners in scoring position and two outs. That is CLUTCH. Howard hit .247 in the same situation. That’s not very good.

    Oh, and asking the team if a player is valuable… you think the Cardinals might say yes about Pujols? What kind of argument is that?

  3. amber__11@hotmail.com

    I never said that Pujols was not valuable to his team. I think he’s a great player, and maybe the best in the game. However I have seen Ryan perform and he is great. Since I am from Pennsylvania I had the opportunity to watch a lot of the games on tv through out the year, and catch some games live. I love watching the man. He pretty much carried the team when Chase went through a slump after his hitting streak came to an end.
    I dont blame you for how you feel, because honestly if Albert played on my team I would be mad that he didnt win either. That is only because I am loyal to my players. If Albert would have won I would not have been happy because of how I feel about Ryan. I actually went to the Cards/ Pirates game in August when the Pirates sweep them. Albert hit a homerun, and I was mad because I was cheering for the Pirates.

    The Cardinals did win the world series and congrats to them. However their record was not the same as the Phils. Had they been in a different division they would not have had the chance to go to the playoffs at all. I was pretty mad and still am about how it all worked out. I am not mad at the Cardinals because they did not make the rules, but it still stinks when a team with a better record is sitting at home. I cant deny what they accomplished when they got to the playoffs, but seeing that makes me think that the Phillies could have gone far too if they were given the chance. What is done is done, but as a follower of that team it still disappoints me.

  4. Benjamin

    Amber, in your first comment you posted you said you weren’t a Phillies fan an now you say you’re a “follower” of the team.

    First of all, you have AL teams with better records sitting at home in the playoffs too. You should have to win your division to be in the playoffs. Sometimes there’s great team that blows everyone away (the Mets this year) and that’s what the Wild Card is for. The Phillies couldn’t even win that. They didn’t belong in the playoffs. Maybe the Central was weak or maybe it wasn’t as weak as their record shows. Maybe its more a result of the teams in the Central beating up on each other so their record wasnt great. Either way that’s not the point.

    The point is this. Pujols hit better than Howard in every situation. Pujols’ RBI’s were more important to the Cardinals, Pujols was MUCH better in the clutch than Howard, and the only reason Howard had more RBI’s was because of Pujols injury. To top it all off, as you said, Howard had Utley to share the load with. Pujols did it all on his own. You’re simply ignoring the stats. Yes I might have a home town bias, but I also have the stats to back me up. All you’ve got is Home Run totals… woop de doo…

  5. amber__11@hotmail.com

    Yep that’s right I am a follower, that’s what I wrote. I am from the state of Pennsylvania and I am a huge baseball fan so forgive me for following other teams then my own. No other team compares to my own but I still like to cheer on other teams when their not in my league. I dont care if you think that is right or wrong.
    You sound very bitter and I really dont feel like arguing with you. I think they are both great players, but in my opinion I think Howard deserved it. I know they have the divisions set up for a reason, but it still ***** when I a team with a better record is sitting at home. I made this point on Red Sox news daily, maybe you didnt read my comment or maybe you just dont want to respond to it. Either way I dont care.

  6. boneslugs2003@yahoo.com

    settle down now. huge st.louis fan and an excellent season for us, but as usual, pujols gets screwed again. how the eff did he win the mvp last year? it’s a miracle.

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