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Great Cardinal Cartoons

Ok, I know I promised you a hot stove article today and I’ll still deliver on that. However, in the mean time, all you Cardinal fans will enjoy this cartoon (used by permission) found over at toonrefugee.com.

If you enjoy this one be sure to jump over and check out the rest of his sports cartoons too. There are some great ones. Enjoy!

The Value of a Series Win

On stltoday.com Derrick Goold has a fantastic article about "What is a World Series worth?"

If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do. Eck, talks about having to prove that a team could win with him at short stop. That’s something that’s always baffled me. I understand he’s a bit undersized and not your prototypical body type for short, but wouldn’t you take 9 players who had so much passion and fire for the game? I’d love to see a team made up of "gritty" players who run down to first on walks and slap singles to the opposite field or turn on the occasional pitch, driving it out of the park. To me, Eckstein is the perfect World Series MVP for the Cardinals. This team did nothing pretty. They ground out the regular season. They played hurt and were told that they didn’t even belong in the post season. Yet, in the end, they proved everyone wrong. Just as Eckstein has proven every doubter he’s ever had wrong… yet again.

Oh, P.S. – I’ll finally start blogging about the off-season tomorrow. I just wanted to wallow in the World Series win for at least a week. I STILL can’t believe they did it!

What a team…

Alright, my mom actually sent me this picture so I have no idea who took it or where it was found. I usually like to cite my sources but this picture is too good to pass up. To me it lets you into the clubhouse a little bit and see what it was probably like for them to win it all this year.

Also, there were a flurry of articles today in the Post Dispatch about the offseason. Apparently Tony LaRusa and Walt Jocket had two days worth of meetings to draw up a game plan so I’ll sit down and write out what I would like to see happen before too long. I promise, it won’t take me two days, but then again I’m not doing this for real. Until then, enjoy the picture.

Let’s Party!

The Cardinals celebrated their 10th World Series championship with a victory parade. Cardinal fans are the best in the game and probably the only one’s other than the team who thought they stood a chance in this post-season. So, for those of you who weren’t able to attend here are a few images I’ve gathered for your viewing pleasure.

From ESPN.com

From CNN.com

From MLB.com

Click Here and Here for even more images of the parade and rally. Enjoy!

An absolute MUST READ!

I don’t know if you have heard it or not, but its only been one day since the Cardinals won the Series (I still have trouble realizing that its actually true) but I’ve already heard the grumblings about an 83 win (in the regular season) team doesn’t deserve to win. The system is broken, they say. This wasnt a "real" World Series.

Well, ESPN.com’s Jason Stark answers those arguments masterfully. All baseball fans should read it. Whether you’re a Cardinal fan (like me) who wants to be able to enjoy the improbable victory, or you’re a fan who was doing some of the grumbling, READ IT.

One point Stark doesn’t mention, that Tony LaRusa made was that in baseball a 90 win team is said to have a good year. Not great, not historic by any means, but a good year none the less. Well if you count the 83 wins the Cardinals had in the regular season, and add the 11 games they won in the post season, and you (at least should) come up with 94 wins, which is only 4 fewer than the mighty Yankees won (including the post season). After accounting for the fact that the Cardinals actually played one fewer regular season games than the Yankees (due to a rain-out), and the gap could have been narrowed to 3. Sorry, but I don’t remember the last time someone grumbled about a World Series winner who won 3 fewer games than the "best team" in baseball do you?

Didn’t think so.

Tie goes to the Runner!

Now I’ll admit, I’m usually pretty biased while watching Cardinal games, but usually after watching the replay I admit when I’m wrong. That being said, the Cardinals got hosed on the call to end the first inning. After verlander had walked the bases loaded, Ronnie Belliard grounded a ball up the middle. Guillen fielded it in the hole and threw a one hopper to first. Sean Casey scooped the ball up and the umpire punched the less than fleet footed Belliard out. The only problem is, he was safe. Belliard beat out the throw by about half a step and even if he didn’t, a tie is supposed to go to the runner. I know its early, but that blown call cost the Cardinals at least two runs if not more.

As I type this Yadi just smacked a leadoff single so lets hope this is a sign of things to come.


EDIT: Eckstein Delivers again! A screamer down the third base line and a throwing error by Inge, Cardinals lead 1-0 with a man on second. Lets Go Dunc (and hopefully Pujols)!!

Leyland not a “Gamblin” guy…

Jim Leyland has chosen to start the rookie Justin Verlander tonight in win-or-go home game 5. While I figured he would go with the veteran Rogers, this decision should come as no suprise and certainly shouldn’t be causing as much uproar as it has been so far. Verlander was Leyland’s choice for game 1 and remember, the Tigers, unlike the Cardinals, had a week off and were able to set their rotation however they wanted it. Leyland wanted to start Rogers in games 2 and 6 so that he would pitch in front of a home crowd both times. Apparently he thought Verlander would be better suited to pitch in front of a hostle crowd. So, why, with elimination on the line and so called "dirtgate" on everyone’s mind, would Leyland change his mind now? When asked about this Leyland made a point of saying that the Tigers need to win three games, not one. Just getting the series back to Detroit is NOT what Leyland is managing for. He’s putting his team in the best position possible to stage a ’68 like comeback against the Cardinals. For you conspiracy theorists out there, there could also be another reason Leyland is holding Rogers. If Leyland, an old school hard-nosed manager, was not aware until game two that Rogers was cheating (and personally I don’t believe Leyland would have allowed it to happen) then perhaps Leyland’s love of the game (and maybe a bit of anger at Rogers) played a roll in this decision as well?

However, just like saving your closer in the late innings for when you have a lead, you might not make it to that point. The 2006 World Series could very easily end without Rogers getting another chance to dazzle us all with his "dirt" covered hand. What a shame that would be…