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Only 3?

The Cardinals won the World Series a mere four days ago. Four days ago the city, players, and fans were floating above the clouds, reveling in the unexpected championship. Just two days ago, Cardinal Nation was treated to a victory parade through downtown St. Louis, ending at a stadium filled with adoring fans.

Yesterday, a mere three days after the end of the World Series, the stories in the St. Louis Post Dispatch were looking ahead to next year. Jeff Gordon wrote this article, discussing the different tasks ahead for general manager Walt Jockety. Joe Strauss wrote this article depicting how different the team could look next year.

While looking forward and assessing all these possible changes will be necessary at some point, but can’t we sit back and enjoy the victory a bit longer? Have we learned nothing from the Yankees and now even the BoSox who’s fans seem to be perpetually disappointed unless their team wins it all each and ever year? Sure I’ll be posting on the off-season moves that will need to be made, but for now, I’m still pinching myself and I couldn’t be enjoying the off season more.